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Ground & Pound Contracting undertake smaller-scale civil structure projects for main contractors, local councils and private clients in the civil sector. We have constructed several pedestrian and vehicle bridges, along with boardwalks, wharfs, and jetties on public land.

Ground & Pound Contracting are also sub-contracted to the larger national civil companies, for example, to complete roadside retaining or piling and slip stabilisation as part of their larger infrastructure projects, or to lend a hand where they are running into problems or behind schedule.

Bridge Building:

Ground & Pound Contracting have the specialist knowledge and experience to construct pedestrian bridges, farm access bridges and single lane vehicle bridges, both on private land and public recreational areas. We have the machinery and equipment required to build these bridges from start to finish.

We work with two trusted engineering firms who carry out the design services, prepare construction drawings, and assist with the consents process if required, meaning we can offer you a complete pricing package for your bridge. On the other hand, if you have your own engineers, we are just as happy to liaise directly with them to build your bridge.

Case Study 1

This bridge is located in Barry Curtis Park, one of Auckland's flagship parks. It was designed and built for use and enjoyment by visitors to the park, as well as an access route for Auckland Council's tractors, trucks and service vehicles. The bridge was constructed using two Hynds precast concrete box culverts, each weighing 7 tonne and requiring limited maintenance, then completed with timber decking. This bridge replaced a timber bridge that had collapsed under the weight of a fully loaded midsized water tanker.

Bridge located in Barry Curtis Park Bridge located in Barry Curtis Park

If the aesthetics of the bridge are just as important as functionality, durability and cost effectiveness, we have plenty of experience with constructing great-looking bridges too.

Case Study 2

This 35-metre long pedestrian bridge is located at Spinnaker Bay, Beachlands. The construction process included installing the 300mm SED H5 timber piles (the longest being 12 metres in length), then lifting and fitting the sub-structure 250PFC steel bearers, and fitting the 10-metre 250UC steel beams to span pile-to-pile, then lifting and fitting 240mm x 120mm hardwood timber joists, and finished off by staggering 250mm x 50mm decking planks. The balustrades were constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel newels connected with 2 x 50mm HDG steel plates, to which we fitted 40mm x 40mm Vitex battens and handrails. The bridge was designed and built for public enjoyment and to allow access for Auckland Council vehicles.

Pedestrian bridge located at Spinnaker Bay, Beachlands Pedestrian bridge located at Spinnaker Bay, Beachlands
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