Ground & Pound Contracting handles the removal and relocation of materials through bulk and detailed excavations. We work on residential and commercial earthmoving projects, big or small. We have a wide range of excavators to suit all sorts of earthmoving projects.

A level, clean and safe site is the first crucial step in any successful construction project, and our experienced staff know how to get this right first time.

We undertake single residential or commercial site-cuts and site preparations, subdivision site-cuts, driveways and car parks, house-cuts, site clean ups, land contours, back filling, general industrial earthmoving and minor civil excavations.

We provide a complete ground works package on larger sub-divisions, minimising down-time and saving costs for the developer by undertaking the excavations, retaining, piling, footings, foundations, and hard landscaping, and then finishing off by completing all concrete work if required. During the job we also handle the removal and relocation of materials from both bulk and detailed excavations.

Sites of Archaeological Significance

Various undeveloped land in and around Auckland is of archaeological significance. Whilst early Maori settlement in an area is sometimes obvious, such archaeological artefacts are sometimes only discovered on undeveloped sites during excavation, after the topsoil has been removed. Our staff has experience with such discoveries and are familiar with the procedures and protocols to be followed when such Maori artefacts are uncovered, and before site works can resume.

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