Piling & Foundations

Ground & Pound Contracting are piling contractors. Our operators are hard working and highly skilled at installing bored piles.

Ground & Pound Contracting are registered foundations specialists under the Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme (LBP). This means we have been assessed as technically competent and sufficiently experienced to undertake your restricted building work. From 1 March 2012, most residential building or renovation work (i.e., the majority of work requiring a building consent) can only be undertaken by a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Our pendulum piling rigs are attached to excavators. This allows us to work more quickly and enables us to operate on sites with limited access, or those of a challenging geotechnical nature. We can drill from 150mm to 1.2 metres in diameter and to 15 metres in depth. We install bored piles for residential and commercial foundations, retaining walls, slip stabilisation and roadside retaining, boardwalks, piers, wharves, and minor bridges. We are able to supply the poles, concrete, steel caging or other materials for a job at fair prices, but if you would prefer to source these yourself, you are free to do so.

Bored pile foundations have some advantages over other piling methods or footings:

  • Piles of variable lengths can be drilled through soft or swelling soil into suitable load bearing material.
  • The absence of vibration means that adjacent piles or other structures are not disturbed.
  • Large excavations and subsequent backfill are unnecessary and adjacent soil is not disturbed, which is particularly important in conservation or environmentally sensitive sites.
  • In many design situations, bored pile foundations offer higher load-bearing capacities than driven piles.

Case Study

This slip stabilisation project took place on a busy main country highway. We were called in as piling contractors to install bored pile foundations, in preparation for a new roadside retaining wall to stabilise the slip. This wall required 600mm and 750mm diameter holes drilled to 10.5 metres, then installation of 48 x 13 metre 350 SED poles. We hit rock at around 5 metres deep in some holes, so we used specialist drilling equipment to get us to the specified depth.

Roadside retaining wall Roadside retaining wall Roadside retaining wall Roadside retaining wall
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